Bullet Proof

This song has been stuck in my head all day and I thought I would share it with everyone, But Its not like you have'nt heard this before..

Don't hate. I LOVE La Roux
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    La roux

Victory Road

I'm bored as hell right now, and its starting to snow outside.
I surfed around the net to kill time and ended up here at live journal, the only social anti-networking site I subscribe to. Its been a while...

Oregon is cold and damp. The traffic laws are retarded. People bike around in the rain or snow casually. Folks are slower, and a little more polite. There is no sales tax. Liquor is sold in specialty stores that close at 7. Its like a small town trying to be a big city and failing happily at it. Hipster happy. I have a picture of a sunset on the ocean loaded in lj, and I miss it. The ocean that is. I'm heading back home for the x-mas season to spend some time with family.. maybe some friends? Maybe an ocean sunset. That would be nice.

Too seldom sanguine,

Oh hey, how was your day?
I wonder if it will speak through your smile, with an alike jaw, wonder if they will have the same fire for fauna
I have questions hogging my bed, I'm heeding the easy sleeper, the joy bringer in you, the Unclouded
Highlights of life, my muscle memory
I'll hold the hair from the bones that hold your collar when everything burns,
I'll be your patience, I'll put in time
I'm afraid I'm afraid abalones dont know any better
I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm always wide of the settle mark
Don't spare, don't spare, our stories cant compare, don't leave out the details
I have more blood, but you beat faster, the encouragement
We've been through life and we are just learning each others names,
Just learning as we go